Benjamin Silseth

Psychologist / Lecturer / Conference host / TV personality

Benjamin is young and promising, both as a psychologist and a media profile. Many people first got to know him as a presenter in the popular NRK series Trekant, but since then he has completed his psychology degree and now works as a full-time psychologist.

Benjamin is currently hosting the podcast Baarli and Benjamin is in therapy (Baarli og Benjamin går i terapi) with his fiancé Niklas Baarli. In addition, he has brought his expertise to both the stage and the studio, in the concept Tabukveld and the podcast Tabuprat, which he does together with comedian Sofie Frøysaa. Here, challenging topics are raised in a conversation with a topical guest, where Benjamin ensures both the professional and steady program management.

With great commitment to the young generation's mentality, and young and unique thoughts on psychology, Benjamin is useful as a speaker and presenter in several contexts.


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Lecture by Benjamin Silseth

As recently as 2019, Norway was named (for the fifteenth time in a row) the world's best country to live in by the United Nations Development Program. Nevertheless, we find ourselves in a time and place where there has never been more talk about what it takes to make the most of life and be happy, in 2020 in Norway. To achieve this, two things in particular stand out as important: the ability to be open and in touch with your emotions. Is this true? What about those of us who don't like to be open and wear our emotions on our sleeve?

Young boys are among those who say they are struggling, to a greater extent than before, but the figures on the number of boys who seek help do not match this. Young boys are at the top of the suicide statistics, filling up the prisons, and both perpetrating and being subjected to a lot of violence. What are the reasons for this? Are there enough good measures for young boys in particular?

Benjamin Silseth, works with children and young people and what preoccupies them, whether it's everyday problems or bigger challenges. In his talk "Boys", Benjamin presents new frameworks and alternative ways of understanding young boys, in the hope of answering the questions above and helping.

Taboo night (Tabukveld)

Panel discussion by Sofie Frøysaa & Benjamin Silseth

Taboo night (Tabukveld) is a concept where comedian and author Sofie Frøysaa invites people with an exciting, educational or powerful story to a panel discussion to talk about what we don't talk about. Typical topics can be: Infidelity, death, loneliness, lies, jealousy, financial problems, and sexual shame. She is joined by her regular in-house psychologist, Benjamin Silseth, and together with the guest they create a kind of collective therapy session.

Taboo night (Tabukveld) is an excellent concept to book for companies that want to raise a slightly difficult topic, either at a seminar or as part of a workshop/trade day/meeting, or for specific groups/teams/classes that can benefit and learn from a specific topic.

Sofie is perceived as a dedicated and clear speaker, who is also able to see the comical in the serious. Together with psychology student Benjamin Silseth, Sofie leads a conversation that the audience can both laugh and learn from.

Baarli & Benjamin go to therapy (Baarli & Benjamin går i terapi) - Live

Based on the podcast of the same name, by Niklas Baarli & Benjamin Silseth

Niklas and Benjamin have been together for eight years and are about to get married. Before they give each other their final "yes", they need to clear up some of the rubble in their relationship. That's why they invite various celebrities to take on the role of couples' therapist and help them solve a problem to get one step closer to the big day.

Niklas and Benjamin are open, direct and funny in "Baarli & Benjamin går i tearpi", giving the audience an honest and humorous insight into their private relationship. Together with a well-known person as a "pretend therapist", this is a live show that is well suited as entertainment at several different events.