Tuva Fellman

Program manager / Speaker / Conference host / Film

Tuva is best known for her commitment to getting young people to talk and learn more about sex, body and feelings, which started when she hosted the sex education program Juntafil on NRK P3. Furthermore, she has shown the same commitment as a presenter in, among other things, Love IRL (2022 Discovery +), the program won the Golden Route in the category "Best reality" in 2023. She has also hosted Naked Attraction (2021, 2022 Discovery+), and the podcast Fødselpodden (2022, 2023 Podimo).

Tuva comes across as curious, warm, fearless and direct. In addition to being professionally strong in her field, she is also a sharp journalist, with a degree in criminology from the University of Oslo and a degree in sexology from the University of Agder.

With her broad experience, vast knowledge and unique drive, Tuva is a brilliant presenter or host, and is also available as a speaker or panel discussion leader/participant.


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