Tore Sagen

Host / Presenter / Actor / Comedian

Tore Sagen is one of Norway's most popular radio voices, first known from Radioresepsjonen (NRK) and now Papaya (Schibsted), in a trio with Steinar Sagen and Bjarte Tjøstheim. He has previously contributed to programs such as Holger Nielsens Metode (NRK) and Kyrre (NRK), and he has also been seen on the TV screen in Side om side (NRK), Brille (NRK) Radioresepsjonen på TV (NRK), Tores knuteskole (NRK) and Tores spikkeskole (NRK). In addition to this, Tore is also a stand-up comedian, where he is currently working on his first solo show, Tore does stand-up, and he is also a skilled presenter.

Tore comes across as a sharp, funny, warm and professional person, who is always well prepared for an assignment, regardless of its scope. He puts his personal stamp on everything he does and is available for assignments both alone and with others.


Kamilla Moe / 959 31 106