Thomas Alsgaard


You know him from the ski slopes, and from the podium, and now also the dance floor. Thomas Alsgaard is a sportsman. He was Norway's only cross-country skier to win gold in eight consecutive championships. Since hanging up his skis, he has continued to make his mark in the sport, both as NRK's cross-country skiing expert, as the winner of the celebrity edition of 71 degrees north in (2019), and as someone who dares to challenge himself in Skal Vi Danse (2020). 

In addition, Thomas regularly gives lectures where he shares his experiences as both a top athlete and a human being. A somewhat lesser known side of Thomas is that he is passionate about food and wine. He has a wealth of knowledge in this area, which he is happy to share with anyone who wants it.

Thomas is available for commercial collaborations, as a speaker, or as a presenter in a film feature.


Tom Marius Kittilsen / 98886649


Kamilla Moe / 959 31 106

Four seasons

Lecture by Thomas Alsgaard

A lifetime of skiing has given Thomas a deep insight into goal achievement, ups and downs. In his lecture "Four Seasons", Thomas summarizes his career as a skier and shares his personal experiences in the hope of inspiring others.

The talk consists of two main parts: four pillars and four seasons. By focusing on the four pillars, Thomas explains what has become life's most important guideline for him, not only as a top athlete, but also as a human being. These can just as easily be used by business leaders, employees, private individuals or anyone who wants to achieve the goals they have set themselves, and not just athletes.

Thomas is perceived as a professional speaker, and shows great commitment to making a positive contribution to the lives of others.