Ronny Brede Aase

Presenter / Host / DJ / Film

Ronny has one of Norway's most popular radio voices, and is recognized by many as "the voice of Norway" after waking up young people in Norway every morning for over ten years, in P3morgen.

Among other things, he now invites you to join him on NRK P1 every Friday morning in the radio program Friday with Ronny (Fredag med Ronny), and keeps you company with Live Nelvik throughout December in the podcast Julestemning med Live og Ronny (NRK).

Ronny also has solid TV experience, from productions such as A hard life with Ronny (Et hardt liv med Ronny) (2023 Discovery+), A fat life (Eit feitt liv) (2021 NRK), and Eurovision Song Contest together with Kåre Magnus Bergh and Ingrid Gjessing Linhave (2020, 2021, NRK1).

This, combined with Ronny's unique communication skills and attitude of enjoying life to the fullest, makes Ronny a confident, playful, warm and fun presenter or host.

Ronny is also available as a speaker on several topics, and as one of two DJs in the after work concept "Two guys having fun".


Tom Marius Kittilsen / 98886649


Kamilla Moe / 959 31 106

"Two guys enjoying themselves" 

Ronny and Markus invite you to a dreamy after work! There will be delicious tunes, toasting and a small lottery (with epic prizes, of course), and maybe some notes from a funk guitar. When the bell rings, the red ribbon is cut and Markus and Ronny kick off the afternoon/weekend in the best possible way. Bring a good friend/colleague or ten, and join the fun!