Olli Wermskog

Host / Presenter / Improviser / Comedian 

Olli Wermskog is known from several sides, his role as co-host of Kongen Befaler stands out in particular, but he is also known from several radio programs in NRK, and as a dubber in several animated films.

Olli has long and broad experience in improv, and is affiliated with Det Andre Teateret (Oslo) where he can often be seen shining on stage. In addition, he is a steady and fun presenter, he is half Finnish, and is fluent in the language, and he goes wholeheartedly and well prepared into everything he does. Olli is available as a presenter, host and entertainer.


Kamilla Moe
kamilla@fenomen.no / 959 31 106


Tom Marius Kittilsen
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