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Making robbery drama for NRK

Fenomen tv film og scene and Storyline Studios are behind behind the new drama initiative for NRK P3. This time it is the environment around robbers that will be portrayed. Series creator is Linn-Jeanethe Kyed.  

-"It's gone very quickly from the time we pitched the series to the time it was ordered," says Tom Marius Kittilsen, producer and partner at Fenomen.

Fenomen and Storyline Studios are behind the series, together with with series creator and screenwriter Linn-Jeanethe Kyed.

-"When I grew up in Ulefoss in Telemark, you could play football, stretching and rowing. I had one hand in heaven and one foot on the accelerator," she grins.

Kyed explains that the story is based on her own her own experiences growing up, but that she and director Daniel Fahre have carried out thorough have carried out thorough research to keep up to date with the robbery scene.

-"I have to say I was surprised at how little has changed from when I was growing up. The blissful mix of burnt rubber, adrenaline, loud music, testosterone, wunderbaum and endorphins still applies," says Fahre.

The series is scheduled to start shooting this fall and will be on screen in spring 2020.

-"This is a very right step for us at Fenomen, who are now seriously throwing ourselves into the ongoing drama battle in the Norwegian production industry. This is also a big step for our director Daniel Fahre," says Kittilsen.

The series will be directed by Fahre. Previous credits include credits include the cinema documentaries Marcus & Martinus - Together for the and this year's Born2Drive starring Oliver Solberg.

-"After two major cinema documentaries, it's great to finally be allowed to know what we're going to shoot before we start recording. Our ambition has always been to move more towards drama, and we're grateful that NRK P3 has now given us that opportunity.

Another partner in the collaboration is equipment and Storyline Studios, which a year ago hired Janne Hjeltnes as a producer to strengthen the Hjeltnes as a producer to increase the number of co-productions.

-"Storyline Studios has extensive experience of TV drama, and this is their major focus area. For NRK alone, Storyline has been heavily involved in Lykkeland, Heimebane, Nobel, Valkyrien, Kampen om tungtvannet, Epleslang and Lovleg. At Fenomen, we have worked closely with all the talented people at Storyline during the production of both Born2Drive and Marcus & Martinus - Together. A collaboration that has worked very well, and it feels very safe to bring such heavy experience into the drama venture," concludes Tom Marius Kittilsen of Fenomen.

For more info, please contact Tom Marius Kittilsen, producer and creative director at Fenomen:

98886649 /


Caption: Pictured, from left: Linn-Jeanethe Kyed (screenwriter), Tom Marius Kittilsen (creative director Fenomen), Daniel Fahre (director and partner, Fenomen), Knut Inge Solbu (producer, Fenomen), Janne Hjeltnes (producer, Storyline Studios).

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