Mikkel Niva

Host / Emcee / Actor / Improviser / Humor

Norway's Mikkel Niva is known from the theater stage, the TV screen and podcasts. He started his career at an unusually early age, as one of the little elves in Putti Plutti Pott, just eight years old - and there was more entertainment to come.

He currently hosts one of the country's most popular podcasts Storefri (formerly Friminutt) (Schibsted) together with his friend and partner Herman Flesvig, and is a regular actor and improviser at Det Andre Teateret (Oslo).

On screen, he has been seen in Kvelden før kvelden (NRK), TV-aksjonen (NRK), Maestro (NRK), and in his very own documentary series Uten Pappa (NRK).Mikkel is a human, playful, professional and warm person, who can charm and guide any audience. He has good and varied experience in program management and entertainment, and is genuinely committed to always delivering his very best. Mikkel is available both for assignments alone or with others.



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