Michael Andreassen

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Michael Andreassen has become Norway's Mickey after almost 30 years on air on Norway's largest commercial radio channel P4. He is currently one of three presenters in P4's flagship program P4s Radiofrokost. Before Michael took over the morning on P4, he led programs such as Midt i trafikken and Michael Direkte for a number of years.

Michael has appeared in a number of TV programs, including Skal vi danse i 2020, where he came fifth, and Camp Kulinaris, which he won.

He is currently performing his first solo show "I don't trust people who don't drink", where he tells his story of being an alcoholic.
The successful show will go on tour in spring 2024 throughout Norway.

Michael is one of Norway's most frequently used speakers, and with his long experience as a presenter, Michael is a superb choice as a presenter for your event. With his infectious mood and charm, Michael creates a safe and professional setting, while contributing with humor and popularity, similar to how we know him on the radio.


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Take your life back

Lecture by Michael Andreassen

Just before a live radio broadcast in March 2012, Michael couldn't take it anymore, he collapsed as he was about to pick up the microphone. The cup was long since full, his biggest secret was no longer a secret, he was an alcoholic.

In his lecture "Take your life back", Michael tells his story of living with addiction while trying to be a father. A story characterized by bottomless despair and anxiety, but also hope, because he managed to take his life back - and he wants more people to do the same.

According to a survey by the organization "Av og Til", more than 50% of people say they are concerned about someone's alcohol consumption, but that it is difficult to speak up. How should you speak up? Who can you talk to? And how do you deal with substance abuse issues at work? Throughout the talk, Michael raises several important questions and experiences, which he hopes can help both private individuals who are struggling - or who know someone who is struggling, and business leaders and employees.

Michael is perceived as an experienced and genuine speaker, with a great desire to help others.

One of the hardest things for Michael has been being a dad. When he stopped drinking, his daughter was 8 years old. They have spent many hours processing all the experiences together - "It's important to acknowledge the experiences and feelings of children. Let them confront you and create a space where it's safe and harmless to communicate what they're feeling. It was important to me that she was given free rein to vent her feelings without me getting upset or angry. I'm an adult and I have to put up with it. We had to process our past together in order to move on."

Michael also talks about how he has dealt with anxiety and shame: "I've stopped being ashamed of the past. I can't change what has happened. What I can do is decide how life should be now and in the future."

He believes it must be easier to talk about your problems and that we need to meet each other with an open mind - "It shouldn't be shameful or embarrassing to say that you're not doing well. If we meet each other with a little care, it will be easier for those who are struggling to ask for help."

He is concerned about how we handle alcohol in everyday life: "We wrap it up and call it something else. We 'enjoy ourselves' and 'relax'. What we're really doing is intoxicating ourselves into a state we like to be in. Many people also numb their feelings when they don't feel good with alcohol. I'm not looking for people to stop drinking, everyone should be able to enjoy themselves as much as they want, but I think it's a good idea for us to think about and define our relationship with alcohol. Especially around children. We know that children don't like it when adults change their behavior, they find it unsafe."

In 2016, he published the book "My name is Michael and I'm an alcoholic" (Kagge forlag). In the book, he talks about his path to alcohol addiction - and how he got sober.

In his talks, Michael Andreassen gives advice, motivates, creates hope and talks about what we need to do to make it easier for people to seek help.

Michael Andreassen gives lectures in Norwegian and English.