Live Nelvik

Program manager / Confectioner / Speaker / Film

Live Nelvik is best known as a presenter, both on radio and TV. She has contributed to radio programs such as Drillpikene (NRK), P3morgen (NRK), and now Lørdagsrådet (NRK), where the latter is also at the top of, as one of Norway's most popular podcasts. On the TV screen, you have seen her in program successes such as Dama til (NRK), Underholdningsavdelingen (NRK), and Lives oppdragelsesreise (NRK).

Live has a unique presence and demeanor in her encounters with other people; she is quick to comment, genuinely curious, warm and clear. She is highly professional, but also playful and fearless, and always thoroughly immerses herself in an assignment. Live is available for assignments both alone and with others.


Tom Marius Kittilsen / 98886649


Kamilla Moe / 959 31 106