Esben Holmboe Bang

Chef and restaurateur / Lecturer 

Esben is a highly acclaimed chef, head chef and restaurateur, originally from Denmark but now living in Norway. Here he runs several critically acclaimed restaurants, including Maaemo in Oslo Bay, with 3 Michelin stars.

Esben's interest in good food and food culture in general started early. He dropped out of high school and enrolled in culinary school instead, which has proved to be a wise choice. After completing his culinary education, Esben worked at several world-renowned restaurants, both here in Norway and in Denmark, before embarking on his own dream concept in 2010, namely to create and serve gourmet food based on 100% organic local ingredients, and the restaurant was named Maaemo. It didn't take long for Maaemo to be awarded 2 Michelin stars, and soon after 2 stars became 3, making Esben one of the youngest chefs with the highest honors in the Michelin guide. After almost 10 years, Esben closed the doors of the original Maaemo, a rebirth was needed to continue the creative pursuit and elevate the guest experience. Moving meant that the stars disappeared, but shortly after the opening of the new Maaemo in Oslo Bay, he proved himself again, and was again awarded 3 stars.

Esben is driven by development, challenges and renewal, and is not resting on his 3 stars in Norway, as he is currently working on a new restaurant project in China, and will open a new concept in Shanghai during the year.

Esben comes across as a warm, approachable, reflective and highly professional person, with a passion for good food, food culture and people, and a big twinkle in his eye. Esben is available as a speaker and for commercial assignments.



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