Emilie Skolmen

Host / Actor / Emcee / Humor

Emilie is a popular profile, with several legs to stand on. She is known from TV, stage and radio, either as a presenter, actress or humorist.

She is currently starring in the TV series Basic Bitch, and has previously appeared in productions such as Sølvrekka (TV2), Hvite gutter (TVN), Otto Har Fått Nok (TV2), and Neste Sommer (TVN).

All this points to what a creative and driven soul Emilie is, a lesser known side of her is that she also loves to pack up her home-made motorhome and go on road trips, preferably in Norway, which she has explored a lot recently and is happy to share her experiences from. Emilie is available for several types of assignments, including commercial ones.

Management and booking

Kamilla Moe
kamilla@fenomen.no / 959 31 106