Cathrine Frost

Actor / Improviser / Lecturer / Nurse

Cathrine Frost took the audience by storm with her first solo production Lykke til, Cathrine Frost (2022 Det Andre Teateret), a success that is here to stay, judging by the audience figures. The production sets the agenda, challenges and entertains, and is unique in its form, and it was nominated for the Hedda Award in the category for Best Theater Production (2023).

Cathrine has extensive experience and expertise in theater and improv, both from Norway and abroad. In addition, she is a trained nurse, and also holds various types of courses and lectures.

Cathrine comes across as an open, knowledgeable, funny and committed person, with a big twinkle in her eye and a big heart. She is available for several types of assignments, as a presenter, speaker, course instructor and panel discussions. Feel free to contact her for more info.

Management and booking

Kamilla Moe / 959 31 106